UPDATE: THANK YOU FOR THE HUGELY SUCCESSFUL 2012 SUMMER!  Look for a new challenge this January 2013! 


School is out.  (Or soon will be!)  The sun is hot.  It’s the perfect time to get some writing done, right?

Every year, my writing groups and I struggle to get work done in the summer.  How can you blame us?  Those blue skies, the welcoming sunshine, and loud, rambunctious kids running through the house can be very distracting.  We all say the same thing: it’s hard to keep your BIC (“Butt In Chair” – thanks Jane Yolen) where it’s supposed to be.

This year I created a challenge for myself and I thought I’d invite my writer friends who may also be dreading the dog days of summer to join the journey.

The Goal: From Memorial Day to Labor Day – WRITE EVERY DAY.

We will be following a curriculum of directed exercises and prompts to expand our writing repertoire.  I’ll provide a prompt to help get those creative juices flowing and then 3 – 8 minutes later Ta-Da! You’re done.  We’ll be focusing on voice, character development, setting, first lines, and even the query letter.  Basically, we’ll be polishing the skills writing experts talk about.

Every day will be unique.  Write a page, a paragraph or an opening line.  The important thing is to WRITE!

How it will work: I will post one writing prompt per day.  After you complete the prompt, post a comment in the comments section.  For each prompt you comment on, you will earn an entry in the weekly raffle.  I DON’T NEED TO SEE YOUR WORK.  Its an honor system, if you said you did it then I believe you!  :)

The comments section will be open all week so you can work at your own pace.  The week will be defined as Sunday – Saturday.  (The first week will be Monday – Saturday).  You will be able to enter 7 times per week – one for each day.  PLEASE ONLY COMMENT ONCE PER PROMPT.

Drawings: Every Tuesday the winner for the previous week will be announced.

How to comment: Tell us what worked for you.  Tell us a fun word or phrase that came from the exercise.  Or just check in with your name and a way to contact you.

I’ll be announcing the winner on my website and I will email you directly!

I didn’t know about 100 Days until after Memorial Day, can I still participate?  For sure!  Whether you join in May or late August it makes no difference.  The goal is to expand your writing skills.

Are you eligible to participate? Everyone is eligible – from your 12-year old nephew who wants to be a writer to the seasoned professional.  There are no strings to this challenge.  I’m a writer looking to achieve a goal and I’m inviting you on the journey.  I only ask that you bring your imagination and a commitment to write.

What’s in it for you?   First and foremost – becoming a better writer!  Second, PRIZES ALL SUMMER LONG!