Ahhh…Wednesday. I hope my writing time today is a little less…ahem…interrupted. Tuesday started productive but that all came to a screeching halt when my 3 year old stuck a raisin up his nose. Yes, a raisin that was so far up there no matter what I tried I couldn’t dislodge it.

My son was a trooper but after 5 hours in the ER, three doctors, four nurses and an ENT specialist all poking and prodding, he was ready to go home. They never found the raisin but they are pretty sure it naturally went down the back of his throat. In good news, I’m pretty sure he won’t stick anything else up there ever again.

I admit the story is funny and if you knew my little boy you would probably be laughing as hard as my best friend who was nearly brought to tears by the day’s events. For now, I’m still cringing. I never thought I would be the mom in the ER because of something my curious, rambunctious little boy stuck up his nose. This was certainly a day for the memory books.

Speaking of memory books, that leads me to Reflection Wednesday. Wednesdays during this challenge will be reserved for reflective prompts. Reflective writing is a fantastic tool to add to your writing repertoire. It will help you make connections between your experiences and the writing theory you are practicing.

Prompt #3: Write about a moment in your past that lives infamy for you.

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