And the WINNER for the final week of 100 Days of Summer is…

Ann M.!

Congrats Ann. You will receive an email from me shortly.


My heart is bursting with gratitude for your support and participation (sniff, sniff) especially after reading some of the emails I’ve received. Without disclosing too much, I wanted to share a few lines.

1. “I’ve dreamed of becoming a writer. I never knew what to do or had the courage to get started until I started following your challenge.”
2. “I didn’t know where to take my manuscript. Your prompt changed that. I took it in a direction I wouldn’t have thought of if it wasn’t for your prompt.”
3. “I loved this. I wasn’t able to participate like I wanted but I saved the prompts to help me when I have the time to write.”

There are no words (not even words that a prompt can draw out) to say exactly how much I’ve appreciated your emails and comments. In my wildest dreams, I never anticipated a response like this. For me, this challenge has altered my writing life. I’ve found a balance that I didn’t know existed. It’s still hard to find time to write but now I know I can do it. And I believe all of you can do it too.

So keep writing!! Keep your pens, laptops and pencils moving so you’ll be ready for the next challenge.

Yes, you read that right folks! A new prompt writing challenge is in the works. It will be shorter, the prizes will be bigger and some extraordinarily generous and talented authors will be helping us all kick our writing into high gear.

I’ll provide more details in the coming weeks. For now, my writing friends, please mark your calendars and be ready to spread the word for the next challenge: START THE YEAR OFF WRITE, coming January 2014.

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