Want a fun go-to place to generate writing prompts?  Want a place to send your students and/or kids to get them writing this summer?  Check out what Scholastic’s doing! (Be warned, my oldest was in on the research for today’s post and these prompts had him in stitches.)

Yep, you read that right, my 3-year-old on the internet!!  Our local librarian encouraged me to start safely introducing my son to the internet.  I have to admit – it wasn’t even on my radar of mom-tasks but it provided a great opportunity to talk about our favorite books, characters and it sparked my son’s first storytelling exercise.  He told me a story for a change!

I’d like to share his story but it’ll have to wait until I can get the author’s permission and he’s currently taking a nap.  Instead, I’ll share the silly writing prompts that sparked our storytelling.

Prompt #34: Write a ghost story about a stubborn banana who hates mayonnaise.

Write a postcard to a rubbery moose who climbs Mt. Everest.

Write a funny story about a silly donut who lives next door to you.