I began her writing career exactly 1 year ago. So, how does a “newbie” offer advice or education to the seasoned writer?  Submersion! Me

That’s right totally submerging yourself in to this career. In December of 2012, I left my career and began my new journey as a children’s writer. In January I attended the SCBWI Florida Winter Conference, in February I began the Picture Book Academy and a course with Anastasia Suen, March was the Georgia Southern Breeze conference plus another Anastasia class and Making Picture Book Magic with Susanna Hill. April I went to the Sacramento, CA SCBWI, and more classes. I continued this entire education submersion for the entire year of 2013 traveling wherever I could to learn. My results? In July, I signed with Kendra Marcus at Book Stop Literary, Spider magazine offered a contract for a series of stories about a little girl who visits the National Parks and two nonfiction picture books coming out in 2015 and 2016.

I didn’t take any shortcuts or skip any steps, I just entered the express lane.

Here is your express pass to 26 brilliant ideas.

Prompt # 14: Write the alphabet on a piece of paper and next to each letter write something that comes to mind. Try not to over analyze your choices.  Go with what comes to mind first.  If you write nonfiction like me, think of nonfiction words like A – Astronauts, B – Baghdad, C – Chernobyl. If you write fiction, think of trigger words like A – acrobat, B – birthday bonanza, C – chocolate.  Now, look at your list, you have 26 prompts that may lead you to your next story.  Pick 1 letter/word from your list and write 2 paragraphs about it.  Maybe chocolate will lead you to discover that your narrator hates it (the horror!!).  Maybe you will discover a topic you are really interested in and want to spend some time researching.


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Kristen has wasted no time getting familiar with the kidlit world.  When she made her mind up to pursue writing full-time, everything else took a backseat to her insatiable curiosity.  In her whirlwind approach, Kristen has sold two books, has one in acquisitions and is the founder of WOW Non-fiction, an organization for non-fiction writers looking for resources, webinars, a retreat and challenges throughout the year.

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