Writing, for me, is an opportunity to share my imagination. The easiest way for me to get started is to think of some funny or interesting idea that adam rubinsparks some creative momentum; “Hey, THAT’S fun! Let’s see where it goes…” I work in a “creative’ profession (advertising) and am often required to generate ideas on demand. That can be a challenging proposition but I have developed a trick that often helps me get started: I take a walk.

Now, I live in New York City so walking even a few blocks means I’m guaranteed to see something unusual/amazing/disgusting/inspiring. However, the outside stimulus is less important than the mental shift from “work mode” to “daydream mode.” As I walk, I let my mind wander. Not to other things I have to do, or with any sort of purpose, I just ponder aimlessly with no goal in mind. When I come back to the page, I feel refreshed and refocused—ready to write.

PROMPT #13: Go take a walk. Take time to observe the world around you.  Take mental notes.  When you come back, see what comes out. Maybe you’ll feel motivated to pick up a piece you’ve worked on previously or maybe you’ll be inspired to start something new. The idea is to get away from your work and the responsibility you feel to come up with anything. See if that mental break refreshes your creative energy and provides some new perspective when you sit back down to work. Who knows, maybe some genius idea will float into your brain as you amble along. Don’t run an errand and don’t let weather keep you cooped up. Go take a walk!


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Adam Rubin may the only writer to fall into be a New York Times Best Seller.  Seriously, see what he says here.  But don’t let Adam fool you, as as the Creative Director of a New York based advertising agency and alum of i.O. and The Annoyance Theater in Chicago, he has put in his time to develop a strong sense of character and humor on the page.  Adam has published 6 pictures books including THOSE DARN SQUIRRELS, THOSE DARN SQUIRRELS AND THE CAT NEXT DOOR, THOSE DARN SQUIRRELS FLY SOUTH, DRAGONS LOVE TACOS, SECRET PIZZA PARTY and BIG BAD BUBBLE which hits shelves this May.

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those darn squirrels those darn squirrels next door those darn squirrels fly south dragons love tacos secret pizza party big bad bubble

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