100 Days of Summer

Thank you, thank you, thank you

And the WINNER for the final week of 100 Days of Summer is…

Ann M.!

Congrats Ann. You will receive an email from me shortly.


My heart is bursting with gratitude for your support and participation (sniff, sniff) especially after reading some of the emails I’ve received. Without disclosing too much, I wanted to share a few lines.

1. “I’ve dreamed of becoming a writer. I never knew what to do or had the courage to get started until I started following your challenge.”
2. “I didn’t know where to take my manuscript. Your prompt changed that. I took it in a direction I wouldn’t have thought of if it wasn’t for your prompt.”
3. “I loved this. I wasn’t able to participate like I wanted but I saved the prompts to help me when I have the time to write.”

There are no words (not even words that a prompt can draw out) to say exactly how much I’ve appreciated your emails and comments. In my wildest dreams, I never anticipated a response like this. For me, this challenge has altered my writing life. I’ve found a balance that I didn’t know existed. It’s still hard to find time to write but now I know I can do it. And I believe all of you can do it too.

So keep writing!! Keep your pens, laptops and pencils moving so you’ll be ready for the next challenge.

Yes, you read that right folks! A new prompt writing challenge is in the works. It will be shorter, the prizes will be bigger and some extraordinarily generous and talented authors will be helping us all kick our writing into high gear.

I’ll provide more details in the coming weeks. For now, my writing friends, please […]

What does the future hold?

I have the bad habit of getting consumed in the day-to-day demands of life. So much so that just finishing a draft, cover letter or outline feels like a huge accomplishment. (And really it is!) But I don’t think about the big picture. I’ve been thinking a lot about achievable deadlines and next steps which leads me to the final prompt for the summer…

Prompt #100:  Make a map/list/spreadsheet of your future plans as a writer.  Set a minimum of three goals for Fall 2013.

Seven Truths

Since this is our final Sensory Sunday, I thought it was appropriate to reflect on this summer’s writing journey and share some of my truth’s from behind the scenes.

1. I traveled almost every weekend of the summer.  Around day 7, I almost threw in the towel on the challenge because I looked at the calendar ahead and realized my summer was consumed with weekend trips to weddings, baby showers, family commitments and lake life.  I honestly didn’t know how I was going to manage it all.  I think finding the time to write, post and prompt every single day has been my biggest personal achievement of the summer.  I learned an invaluable lesson: how to make writing work.

2. I never wrote a single prompt more than 1 day in advance.  To take the pressure off, I intended to have a few prompts stockpiled and ready to go just in case I found myself in a bind. But I never did it. In some ways this was a blessing because it made me write every single day.

3. I wrote every prompt myself.  Again, my initial intention when I started this challenge was to use books and other resources to write prompts but along the way I found prompt writing a fun, therapeutic thing to do. The prompts often reflected exactly what I was working on.  You may have noticed the beginning of summer was all about WIP’s and revisions.  That’s because I was elbow deep in revisions. The second half of the summer became more about exploratory writing and having fun because that’s the stage I was in.

4. I had no idea what I was doing when I started.  The idea of 100 Days of […]

The Final Saturday of 100 Days of Fun

Its time for one last Silly Saturday.  In full disclosure, Saturdays have been my favorite day of writing during 100 Days of Summer.  I probably love creating the writing prompts just as much as I love doing them which is why I’ve been wracking my brain to make today’s a memorable one.  I hope it won’t disappoint.

Prompt # 98: Fill in the blank for one of the sentences below.  Then use that sentence as the first line of a 1-2 page short story.

Option 1:  Little Rita Rose uncovered a secret passageway leading to _______.

Option 2:  That spider crawled right into my ________.

Option 3:  My hat blew into the sky and flew all the way to ________.

Capture the Moment

Thanks to the recent string of sunny days, my boys and I have been savoring every last minute of summer. We made it our mission to hit up every summer hotspot before its too late. So far we’ve been to the beach, the pool, the zoo, the farmer’s market, the park, the splash park, an outdoor kiddie concert and a petting zoo. Somehow in all that fun, I never took a single picture. (Sigh.) That’s probably because I’m constantly chasing one or both boys so I don’t have time to think about taking out my phone/camera to capture the moment. Instead I’m trying to capture the moment by writing which leads me to today’s prompt:

Prompt #97: Capture the moment. Choose a summer venue from my list above. Now choose a character combination from the list below. Once you’ve chosen something from each list, create a conflict and then write a paragraph describing it from each character’s perspective. Hint: You should have two very different “perspectives” of the conflict.

1. a girl and a blind man
2. a private eye and a bird watcher
3. a man dressed in a zebra costume and a folk singer
4. a mom & a food vendor
5. A circus clown and a little boy

This one might be my favorite prompt yet…

Hey, hey!  Whadda say? Gonna have some fun today!  This one is totally out of left field.  But its fun, challenging and worth a try.

Prompt #96:  Below is a list of 10 randomly chosen words.  Your challenge is too use all ten words in one cohesive short story.  Be as creative and free as you can!

1. Baseball

2. Give

3. Pumpernickel

4. Oatmeal

5. Toxic

6. Orangutan

7. Horn

8. Bocce

9. Scroll

10. Magenta