My writing process usually involves the smoke detector.Image 1

I don’t smoke. But when I’m working on a new manuscript, our oven tends to.

You’d think I’d be more careful. I’ve had a slight case of Oven Phobia (especially Toaster Oven Phobia) since I saw the chunk of Evil scene in Time Bandits.

Yet once I enter my Writing Cave, I go into an Oblivious-To-All-Things-Around-Me-Except-The-Kid trance.

It’s like my brain’s on fire.

Only once the electronic wailing starts do I realize that food is on fire, too.


ME: “This meatloaf doesn’t look like meatloaf.”

THE KID: “It looks like Han Solo in carbonite.”

ME: “Agreed. You get the crackers. I’ll get the peanut butter.”


So, many of our meals don’t go as planned.

But often, those are the most fun of all. ‘Cause once you’ve:

  • ignited (“Whoa! It’s like a fossil!”)
  • incited (“Would you dogs please stop howling?!”)
  • contrite-ed (“Sorry, neighbors! False alarm. Yeah, again.”)
    any remaining mealtime formality is pretty much tossed out the open-so-everyone-can-breathe window.

And sometimes, an extra helping of frivolity is just you need to get inspired.

So, who’s up for a simultaneous peanut butter cracker eating and karaoke contest?

Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it.

And I hope you do.

Prompt #15: Put a favorite character in an unexpected/awkward/disastrous/funny mealtime situation. (Bonus points if you incorporate, “Han Solo.” But that didn’t even need to be said, did it?) How does your character react?


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