What would you do if an unexpected gift fell in your lap? I can tell you exactly what I would do because it happened to me yesterday.

I got to Skype with the writing challenge guru, Tara Lazar.  You know, the founder of that little challenge PiBoIdMo. I’ve heard Tara’s name tossed around writing circles for years and I’ve spent a hefty amount of time on her website. However I never would have thought to reach out if it wasn’t for a little push from my friend, Liz Garton Scanlon.

There I was chatting with Guru Tara when it dawned on me, this woman could be a comedian. As she was doling out nuggets of wisdom about blogging, writing and publishing she was expressive, animated and full of pun-y tidbits. Tara’s humor and wit shouldn’t have been surprising considering her book titles are full of puns and play on words. Check them out: THE MONSTORE (which came out this week!), I THOUGHT THIS WAS A BEAR BOOK, 2014 and LITTLE RED GLIDING HOOD, 2015. Don’t those scream creativity and humor?

If I had done my homework properly, I would have known the importance of fun in Tara’s writing before I was on Skype. But I didn’t. I was focused on the blog/writing challenge side of Tara. Not on the creator side. Yesterday, Tara reminded me about the balance it takes to pursue writing as a career and that my friends, is the unexpected gift that fell in my lap.

Consequently, instead of spending time researching editors, agents and blogs, I spent yesterday afternoon looking for ways to incorporate humor into my WIPs, which led me to today’s prompt.

Prompt #11: Write a character sketch that incorporates a pun or play on words, a quirky trait or a ridiculous costume.

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